Can Students Have Too Much Tech?

Can Students Have Too Much Tech?

  1.  The computer is the “distraction machine.” It is just vibrating with distractions. Even the supposedly educational websites have things that move, different colors, links, and so forth. Keeping my kids focused on their lessons requires constant supervision. Most of the time spent at the computer is recreational.
  2. I think the content tends to be superficial, possibly because making the underlying mechanics work detracts from actually creating content. A lot of the software that I saw in the early 80’s was glorified flash cards, and I’m not sure it’s much better today. I’d estimate kids spend twice the time on half the content.
  3. The bright side is, I think there’s some tech, that is qualitatively different than a textbook. It tends to resemble “real” software that grown-ups use, such as programming tools, computer algebra systems, and so forth. Schools rarely use this stuff.


Remote Work and Trust

Patrick wrote about value of remote work recently. I found some positive effects being a remote worker. And he said about trust when being a remote worker;

I have a lot of trust in my job and I love it.

It means we have to build the trust between you and your employer once we want to work remotely. When they decide to hire you, they trust you. Don’t make him/her disappointed with your work.

Once you become a remote worker you’ll get the value of it.

So much so that I wouldn’t trade this job for another $1,000, not $5,000, to be totally honest it would have to be closer to $20,000 but even then I don’t know.

What Amy Hoy Say About Build Your Future

I’m curious to read new Amy’s  blog post after I saw this tweet;

Now I’m on half Freelancer and half Consulting  zone. And yes, if you are a freelancer you are just a tool that used by another hand to complete their job. You’ll never be a brain that can make solutions. Become a consultant will increase your rate though, and your goal will be “work fewer hours for the same or more money“.

Two more important things “Tools don’t get to set the terms of their engagement, but advisors do.” and “No matter where you are, start today.