What I Love from Peach

Have you heard about Peach? Peach is new social app created by Vine Co-founder Dom Hofmann.

The app is a sort of a mix between Twitter and Slack. After you create an account and a handle and add some friends, you view a stream of updates from the people you’re connected with. From the home screen updates look a bit like tweets or status updates, though tapping into a friend’s post reveals much more.


Chris Messina – Developer Experience Lead at Uber said, “Magic Words are the interesting differentiator here“. I think Magic Words  is new cool UX, we don’t need use more icons to add something in your status. Peach just use 2 icons (actually one – camera icon, the other one is button “Post”) in your profile page. But you can add 20 actions with Magic Words, pretty cool, huh?

Peach App
Peach App

Ok, let me make a list What I Love from Peach;

  1. Yes, Magic Words.
  2. Un-timeline view. Peach home is doesn’t like the other social media like Twitter or Facebook with timeline view. It just shows list of my friend with their piece (not full) of their last update. It’s less distraction, we don’t be forced to read everything that everyone did with their Peach.
  3. Peach is new social app. I love it because I can start over to choose anyone who will be my friend on Peach :peace

Image credit from official Peach Website

The Hamburger Problem

As we know, many UX designers suggest to not use hamburger menu anymore. The main problem is it lacks of information. So I try to use another solutions, make the menu clearer. How? I use the word “Menu” or/and add arrow icon beside it. More clearer, huh? Not really, people tend to not click it because they don’t see a reason to click it.

Some people argue that “we just have to wait for users to learn the new navigation convention,” but hopefully you can see how the principle of information scent invalidates that argument. Good design doesn’t require years of waiting for the general public to understand and start using a interface convention.

– http://deep.design/the-hamburger-menu/

Go check the article above you can find the right solutions to replace hamburger menu. Anyway, even a company that specializes in hamburgers is not use hamburger menu. :P