Guide to Good Typography

Creating a good typography is such as confusing for me, there is no exact formula that I can implement to every web that I made. Until I found some resources that will guide me to the right path;

  1. Interactive Guide to Blog Typography
    Basic things that you have to know how to create good typography on the web
  2. Modular Scale
    Don’t randomly pick font sizes, though, as the size progression might look inconsistent. Use a modular scale that calculates those sizes from a ratio.
  3. Secret Symphony: The Ultimate Guide to Readable Web Typography
    Enjoy the math! But don’t worry, at the end of the article you’ll be eased and get a rid the headache (if you hate the math :P).
  4. The Sass Mixins
    Use it wisely! It’s just a concept, customize it based on your need.
  5. Use `rem` for Global Sizing; Use `em` for Local Sizing
    When you argue about using em or rem :).



We do(nt) need your words

I discussed with my friend @hfz about copywriting on our portfolio website. It began when I sent my short copywriting that I want to put it on my website. I need his opinion and grammar correction :). His first thought about my copywriting is confusing, ahaha.

He told me about 2 styles to tell “who are we (about us)” on website, Story Style and Conversation Style. I used conversation style when I was writing about me. But it was little bit weird, I forced my reader to know me like he knew me before. I used word “Just call me Rizqi” on the opening word. And I used this word “Basically, I’m just male human being“, I thought it was a cool words, but I was wrong. Everyone knows that I’m a human not an alien :|. When I googled about how to make copywriting on about us page, I found the point “Don’t alienate your customers”, yes it slapped me :D.

Copywriting is the most important part when we build a website. We need a good skill on it or maybe we have to hire a copywriter if needed. Don’t just think about a good design will make your customer impressed with you. Good design without good copywriting is nothing. Yes, it’s my opinion :).

So we need to tell everything on our website with good copywriting to make our customer impressed with us, yes? Then Hafiz tweeted me a link from Alex Cornell’s blog.

My conclusion after read that post is we don’t just need a good copywriting in our portfolio site, we also need our real work to be displayed in our portfolio site to make our customer sure about “Hey, you are on the right way if you want to solve your problem”.