#TIL How to Buy Computer Accessories in Computer Square?

Today I bought external hard drive at Dieng Computer Square (DCS). Before I decided to buy external hard drive there, I search price comparation on Kaskus. The result is the prices are almost same with offline store on DCS if we add it with shipping cost, even though some shops on Kaskus are more expensive than offline store on DCS.

I just compared one offline store in DCS with some online shops on Kaskus, and this is another problem for someone who want to get the lowest cost :D. So I’ve to compare the price from some shops on DCS before I decide to buy external hard drive from the shop. I pick 5 random shops and found 4 different prices from them. I didn’t have specific criteria when I pick 5 random shops, I just pick shops from different location, 2 shops from 1st floor and 3 shops from 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor I pick 2 big shops with their own room and the last is small shop on center area, it doesn’t has a room, it share with another shops on the center area.

What did I get from random shops pick? I got shocked result (maybe it’s little hyperbola :) ), I can get the lowest price and good service from the small shop on the center area. When I asked about the hard drive I felt satisfied enough with his answer. The style of shop keeper is different with the others, he is like a hardcore musician, because when I go to his shop he plays hardcore music loudly, wear black tee with skull decoration and short pants, and his face is like Baron (Indonesian guitarist) :D.

After I made a payment to complete transaction, he was offering me to make partition for external hard drive, and I said yes, because it was a service. He delivered me to the other shop to make hard drive partition. And you know what? That shop is one of big shop that I’ve been visited to ask about hard drive price. Hmm… I’m just curious is he the owner? And I asked to big shop keeper “is it his shop?” he answered “yes!” and he continued to make the partition.

So today I learn about how to buy computer accessories on computer square.

  1. Don’t be trusted about shop shape (big or small), sometimes small shop will give you lower price.
  2. Look at the style of shop keeper. Is it like the owner or employee. If he is the owner you’ll get lower price.

How about you? Do you have another tips when you want to buy computer accessories on computer square? Please share with me :).

Behind The Selection Theme

Ryu theme by Takeshi Irie
Ryu theme by Takeshi Irie

I found this great theme (Ryu) on wordpress.com, when I tried to register my new blog. After I can register my new blog I go to wordpress theme directory to find suitable theme for my new blog, I found Ryu on recent theme. The theme looks so neat, with simple but big layout, big typography make me confidence to read the posts.

I installed that theme to my new blog but looks empty, yes because I didn’t post anything huh? :D. Suddenly I remember that I have tumblr blog but I never posted again about one year ago. The tumblr used custom domain setting pointed to rizqi.nizamilputra.com. I wanna make that url to be my new blog, so I’ve to delete my custom domain setting and then I can write my post on it.

Deleting custom domain setting on tumblr spent about 24 hours to make it live. So I’ve to wait until the next day to write my post huh? :|. Oh anyway I need Ryu theme on my new blog, when I search on wordpress theme directory to download it, I can’t found it. It’s temporary available just for blog on wordpress.com not for self-hosted blog :(. My friend told me that I can find all themes on wordpress.com here https://wpcom-themes.svn.automattic.com/. And finally I can install Ryu on my new blog :).

Takashi Irie said that “Ryu will be available for self-hosted users soon”

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

This is my 7th blog and the others have been deleted by myself. Did you know why? I just tried to write well, with my style (actually the others style), sometimes I feel confidence with my new style and after 10 days I’m not really confidence with that style. When I read again my post ago, I felt that “It’s not me!” and then the I delete the blog and create a new blog again. Just create, no post till a week later.

Hmm… what’s wrong with me? I like read blog post from the others and after I admire the post (or sometimes the blogger) suddenly I wanna be like him/her. I think I’m like a person who doesn’t has good place to stand, I always try find the other better places, I mean a place who has an owner. And then the owner kick me out from his place and push me to find my own place. I think he said “Go away from my house and find your own house. Don’t come back to this place again!”. Hahaha, how pity I am.

“But may I admire your way to think sir? Just for reference to find who really I am.”

I have a big passion to become a great writer and people all over the world love my posts. But I don’t have a good skill in english, so I think this blog will help me to learn how to write english better. I still don’t know what I’ve to write about in this blog. I wanna share about my travel story but I never travel anywhere, everyday I just spent about 45km, the journey from village to city (yeah, I’m a village people and I’m proud of it). So I think I’ll write about what I learn today, life, love, new experience, everything in my brain and borderless. Maybe it’ll be a muddle man note, but I hope everyone will enjoy my write.

I’m a front-end developer but I don’t wanna share about everything technical like code here.

Ok! Lets start to write next post and enjoy it!.